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Weekly Commentary -Top U.S. Credit Card Issuer Product & Pricing Flash

Volume 14 | Issue 04 | (23 Jan 2018 – 27 Jan 2018)


Weekly US Credit Card Compendium


What We Offer

Daily Analysis of Pricing, Products and Fees

Get daily summaries of products and pricing offered by the Top 21 US Credit Card Issuers

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Weekly Commentary -Top US Credit Card Issuer Product & Pricing Flash

Track weekly updates of products, pricing and reward programs across 184 credit cards (list keeps on growing)

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Weekly Credit Card Compendium

Review weekly compendium providing a detailed overview of individual credit cards

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How it Works

Zivanta has developed a suite of proprietary data mining, text mining and web extraction algorithms using Python and CorePHP to extract data from multiple websites and public databases. Our analysts use our mining algorithms to discover and analyze the required and relevant data, store in our server systems, use automated and manual transformation tools to convert the unstructured information so as to enable further analytics depending on business requirements.

Zivanta uses open source Geographical Information System (GIS) and overlays with public (ex: census data, HMDA data, Fed Reserve), competitor and client data to provide unique insights into industry and market segments

Zivanta’s dashboard solutions employ a large variety of technologies, depending on the usage and the relevance of the application.

Our dashboard solutions is a reflection of our in-depth research and analysis. Our dashboards give our customers a crisp 360-degree cross-functional view of where they stand as on date relative to their competitors.  


Competitive Landscape

Zivanta is sourcing data from 21 leading US Credit Card Issuers across 185 credit cards